Saturday, July 13, 2013

Catching Up 2013

I have done a few things around the house lately and thought I'd show them here.  First, for my birthday, I got a 1950s credenza from a yard sale for $15.00!  Yay!  I also got a "fainting couch" from an Estate Sale in great condition and perfect for my sewing room.  So, I added both to the sewing room , which took a lot of rearranging, and badabing, badaboom, a fabulous new look:

The view from the door, to the left.

Panning to the right.

Continuing to the right.

The sewing machine right next to the door.  The ironing board stored.  

Super comfy fainting couch.  Perfect for napping while I watch TV.

The corner behind the door.
One Sunday, while listening to the talks in Sacrament Meeting, I heard this great quote from Plato regarding self-control.  The talk was about fasting.  It was a really good talk.  So, I asked, Sister Gina McQueen for a copy of the quote and cut it out in vinyl and hung it on the ceiling going down the stairs.  Chris said, "You might just as well have posted a bully on the stairs."  I said, "Good."

The Bully.

And, finally, I found this fabulous table cloth at an Estate Sale.  I cut it in half, added a little linen to the bottom, and voila!  Roman blinds for my dining room.  They look great!  The colors are perfect, and I'm really happy about them.  

How do you make a Roman blind?

Poke his eyes out!
That little joke just keeps me giggling.  :0)

And, finally, I'm going to add a picture of the kids taken at Hogle Zoo in May when I went down to pick up Ann from the U.  Sigh.  They are so grown up.  However, it was nice to go to the zoo and not have to do a head count every few minutes.  It was nice not to push a stroller.  It was nice not to have to take a million potty breaks, etc.  :0)
Me and Mike in Lima, Peru.

Ann turns 19.  Mustache cake.

I turn 50.  It is a half a cake because I am
a half a century old!  
So, that's it, in a nutshell.  I feel caught up.  Or do I?


delilas said...

When did you go to Lima, Peru? We went last Dec to pick up our Son Carson from his mission. We saw so really neat areas but we also saw mostly some really poor area. We were mostly in West Lima. We did a 3 day trip to Machu Picchu too which was wonderful.
Are we really 50? Crazy to think that 30 years ago was just yesterday,right? You are looking great!

Alicia Brown said...

HA! Love the mustache cake.
And that quote from Plato is brilliant.